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Great PlayStation tips – GTA V !

today something different.

a guest post.

my friend and my flatmate prepared something special for you. especially for the guys (no offence to female audience). three amazing tips that you might find very useful as a PlayStation player. the game he concentrated on is GTA – Grand Theft Auto V. 

there it is.

You have probably heard about one of the most successful video games ever – Grand Theft Auto V. One gets to play as one of the three main characters – Franklin, Michael and Trevor; all criminals living in the Los Santos area. As most of you probably know, apart from completing the missions, players are able to basically mess around all around the map (Which is, by the way, huge). This can be fun for some time, but it gets dull after some time. Today I will give you some tips how to have fun. Enjoy!

TIP #1: Steal a fighter plane

One of the most exciting parts of the game is flying, but most will end up flying a crop duster or a Cessna look-alike, which is fair enough, especially when you can’t afford the expensive private jets. Instead of playing around with a slow and boring plane or buying a high-end one for millions of dollars (or whatever that currency is), steal one from the military. Not only will it be faster and more agile, but also you will actually be able to bring death from above. To obtain the P-996 Lazer, you will have to enter the military base through the west entrance, take a right turn, then a left turn. The plane is located in the hangar straight ahead. Have fun blowing up the city.


TIP #2: Get the fastest car in the game

Everybody knows the Bugatti Veyron – the 1000BHP beast beloved by Arab Sheikhs. You can get the GTA V equivalent – the Adder – for free! Just go to the shopping avenue near Michael’s home. The Adder will be parked near the Ponsonsby’s store. Have fun being as fast as lightning.


TIP#3: Complete a triathlon

The game offers a lot of side missions and hobbies to pursue. One of the most interesting ones is the triathlon. If you think you could complete one of these badboys in real life, you’re probably wrong – you would be out running/swimming/cycling instead of wasting your time on this game. Anyway, Michael proves it is possible for a regular guy to do it, even without too much training. To start in a triathlon complete the mission “daddy’s little girl” and proceed to a point on the map marked as “triathlon”(duh). Have fun getting a heart attack.


I hope you liked my tips! yo

here is the link to my friend’s blog: http://michalkee.wordpress.com

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stuffed jalapeno for two

another challange? not a problem. here it is ‘stuffed hot jalapeno’. it is also a great snack or an idea for lunch!


– about 20 jalapeno medium-sized chili peppers

– any kind of soft cream cheese 200g

– grated cheddar cheese 100g (if you want to make more distinctive taste)

– cut into strips bacon (20)

slightly cut into half peppers. pluck the seeds out of them. then, stuffed them with the mixture of both cheeses or just one. next wrap them with bacon strips. put prepared jalapenos in the oven (200C) for about 15min. if you have ‘grill’ switch, but it on after 10min.


peppers seeds cream

bacon wraps cold

hot plates jalapeno

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