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Bored on the tube? Do ‘the lurk’!

today we will continue with guest posts. my second flatmate, but what is more important CREATOR of ‘the lurk’ game, has written a post especially for me.  it is about history of how ‘the  lurk’ started, and how it has developed through time. the post also includes some amazing photos taken by the author.

*** just to briefly remind you ‘the lurk’ are snapshots taken by you in the public transport of people you find funny or interesting.


I moved to London almost three years ago. While in my hometown I am usually travelling around the city by car, I am only using public transport to travel around London. The idea of “doing the lurk while commuting” was born because: (a) I have this rule that I don’t do anything associated with uni or work while I’m commuting (I have to reset my brain sometimes..), (b) I love observing other people (not in the creepy way, though!).

best combination of all times - flip-flops and nude socks
It’s been more than two years now since I started taking pictures of “unique” fashion choices on the tube. And I have to say, my “lurk photos” made my day so many times that now I just can’t imagine my life without a “lurk session” each time I’m on the tube or on a bus 😉

best hairstyle EVER

As my dear flatmate (and, at the same time, the author of doitmywayblog.wordpress.com) has already showed you some of my favourite shots in a recent post on her blog, I will present a smaller collection today. Still, I hope that this will inspire you to DO THE LURK next time you are on your way to work/uni!

neon socks and high heels, why not?
very stylish (no joke) old ladynow that's what they call a total look!

check out her blog: itsbetterthiswayblog

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today’s post will differ from others. it is an interview with two seriously dangerous  marshmallow ‘killers’. they not only cannot control their addiction but also cause severe deficiencies of that product in food market chains.

Interviewer: guys, one question, why marshmallows?

Marshmallow Killers: they are soft, sweet and taste like foamy clouds.

I: how your passion or let’s say, obsession began?

MA: we tried them once when we were chilling in the house in the evening,. it just happened we bought them on that day in ‘Tesco’ – there was an offer 1 pack for 1£

I: have you ever thought about quitting?

MA: why?! they are amazing, even their brand – ‘Princess’ makes them a ‘royal’ snack!

I: okay, so how many you eat a day?

MA: due to the fact we are students and we need to save money we try eating 1 pack a day, but if there is an offer who knows…

I: how they make you feel?

MA: chilled, relaxed, fulfilled . it’s like tasting a rainbow in your mouth, you basically see another world after you try them. there are unicorns, no problems and many shared laughs

I: are you sure you’re talking about marshmallows?

MA: mmm….OBVI!

*** due to the fact my fellow interviewees were a bit ashamed of their addictions they’ve decided to stay anonymous


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