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13 good reasons to stay under the cover


rain or no rain. cloudy and windy. sometimes neither. usually both.  London IS usually quite gloomy, no doubt. especially in this time of the season.

as nights get colder and colder, we tend to find more reasons to stay at home. to be fair, I don’t blame you. that is why I prepared another ‘Sunday Playlist’ with 13 (I deliberately chose this number) songs for one of ‘these days’

but first:

– put on your favorite large sweater and  soft socks

– make yourself a warm tea or any other drink

– get a good book and a box of your favorite cookies/chocolates

– find comfortable position and a spot

– take a few deep breathes

– turn on the playlist

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wakey wakey!

girls on borad

another sunday playlist for all of you who cannot force themselves to get out of bed.

rise and shine!

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Bored on the tube? Do ‘the lurk’!

today we will continue with guest posts. my second flatmate, but what is more important CREATOR of ‘the lurk’ game, has written a post especially for me.  it is about history of how ‘the  lurk’ started, and how it has developed through time. the post also includes some amazing photos taken by the author.

*** just to briefly remind you ‘the lurk’ are snapshots taken by you in the public transport of people you find funny or interesting.


I moved to London almost three years ago. While in my hometown I am usually travelling around the city by car, I am only using public transport to travel around London. The idea of “doing the lurk while commuting” was born because: (a) I have this rule that I don’t do anything associated with uni or work while I’m commuting (I have to reset my brain sometimes..), (b) I love observing other people (not in the creepy way, though!).

best combination of all times - flip-flops and nude socks
It’s been more than two years now since I started taking pictures of “unique” fashion choices on the tube. And I have to say, my “lurk photos” made my day so many times that now I just can’t imagine my life without a “lurk session” each time I’m on the tube or on a bus 😉

best hairstyle EVER

As my dear flatmate (and, at the same time, the author of doitmywayblog.wordpress.com) has already showed you some of my favourite shots in a recent post on her blog, I will present a smaller collection today. Still, I hope that this will inspire you to DO THE LURK next time you are on your way to work/uni!

neon socks and high heels, why not?
very stylish (no joke) old ladynow that's what they call a total look!

check out her blog: itsbetterthiswayblog

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‘night street food market’ cheer

there are many reasons to concern London as one of the greatest places to live. not so common or promoted event as ‘Night Market’ in Hackney is one of them.

Hawker House where the whole event takes place, is large undeveloped space with wooden and metal constellations. it is filled with plastic chairs and tables, long wooden bar tables, strung lights all around and a large variety of food trucks spread around the whole area.

as soon as you find yourself inside, you smell different spices, cuisines and hot buttered rum which you can buy at the ‘Hot Bar’. I definitely recommend trying the one served with lemon and cinnamon – it’s absolutely amazing and will definitely warm you up on a chilly day.

food. it is hard to tell where to start. even though the number of stands seems to be quite small, the choice is really hard to make. we started with delicious ‘Baba G’ wraps (5 £) with rice and chicken. this was a perfect starter as the meal wasn’t too heavy and a bit spicy. then we tried unbelievably good fresh pasta from ‘Cooking Cooks’ which actually was made by hand at the shack. ‘Napoletana ravioli with parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella’ (7£) was heaven melting in our mouths. obviously we couldn’t also resist the temptation of trying ‘Lobster roll’ (8£) from B.O.B’s Lobster stand (which was actually red volkswagen microbus).  the meat was fresh and delicate, while the buttery warm bun was absolutely delightful. finally we decided to try ‘Yum Bun’ which served hand-made steamed buns with pork and duck (3.50£ per each). both of them were well-seasoned and in deed ‘yummy’. to sum up, each delicacy we tried was a great choice and a chance to experience new flavors.

Hawker Hawker House


red lights



rola wala ravioli ravioli


lobster rollB.O.B lobster

bunyum bun


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‘cafe TPT’ – too pleasurably tasty

craving for chinese food is something typical. especially during night time in a such big buzzing capital as London. that is why it is good to know about such places as ‘Cafe TPT’ in Chinatown.

the place itself? nothing special. plain white walls, wooden tables and chairs squeezed together in a small and narrow space. but the space itself isn’t important here. no matter what time it is, the place is always crowded. and I believe that is crucial argument in favor of the restaurant quality.

menu. must have? definitely try one of the sizzling stone pot dish – I highly recommend ‘eggplant with fish sauce and minced pork’ (9£). due to the fact I am quite traditional when it comes to Chinese cuisine, I also advice you to try ‘sweet and sour chicken’ or ‘chicken in satay souse’ (7.50£). i suggest also trying one of the ‘chef recommendations’ such as sweet-chili chicken with lemon grass’.

find out for yourself!


satay souse sweet sour chicken

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stuffed jalapeno for two

another challange? not a problem. here it is ‘stuffed hot jalapeno’. it is also a great snack or an idea for lunch!


– about 20 jalapeno medium-sized chili peppers

– any kind of soft cream cheese 200g

– grated cheddar cheese 100g (if you want to make more distinctive taste)

– cut into strips bacon (20)

slightly cut into half peppers. pluck the seeds out of them. then, stuffed them with the mixture of both cheeses or just one. next wrap them with bacon strips. put prepared jalapenos in the oven (200C) for about 15min. if you have ‘grill’ switch, but it on after 10min.


peppers seeds cream

bacon wraps cold

hot plates jalapeno

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the last supper

that is it. the golden days of ‘Imbibe’ have come at last. sad but true.

due to this fact i’ve decided to visit the restaurant for one last time. the place looks especially amazing in the evenings, which is why i went there around 7pm. as soon as i got there, i went straight to the courtyard area. it didn’t change a bit. same wooden chairs and tables, grill space under white tent located on the right, lights hanging all around the walls, paper lanterns on the ceiling.

when it comes to food it is still as delicious as it was. burgers made with fresh and juicy beef, and wide range of toppings to choose from such as: tomatoes, lettuce, onion, cheese and sauces like garlic or herbal mayonnaise, peas guacamole, homemade ketchup or mustard. moreover, you have all kinds of spices available at the buffet. fries? melt in your moth. thin, crispy and soft inside covered with fresh rosemary and salt.

there is no much to say. it was just the way it should be. perfect ending of the quite short journey at Southwark. especially because of the fact i could share it with my friends.

photo 1

photo 2


photo 3


photo 4


photo 5

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it’s all about ‘BUU-ween’

Halloween is pretty much a big deal for all Londoners when it comes to parties, costumes and decorations. that is why it is important to be prepared for it.

1. first of all buy a pumpkin. you can get really cheap ones at ‘Tesco’. after all, you can use it after the 31st and make with it delicious pumpkin soup which will warm you up on cold autumn evening (the recipe for it will be presented later this month).

2. second, find a costume. be creative. being a vampire or a witch is a bit passe, especially in a city in which everyday you can see someone dressed ‘uncommonly’.

3. buy a loooot of sweets. and i don’t only mean here, buying them for kids that might knock on your door, but also for you! believe me, they taste so much better on that day and bring childhood memories

4. find a party to which you can go. don’t stay in. it is one of these days in London when you should go out. explore the city, see all the costumes in which people put so much effort

5. watch a scary film. especially when as this year Halloween is on thursday so you have whole three days to watch one

and here are few ideas me and my flat mates had for Halloween:

1. hippie:

– jeans bell bottoms ‘Primark’ 10£

– peace necklace ‘Primark’ 1£

– pink sunglasses ‘Brick Lane’ 4£

– dress with patterns (worn as a blouse)

– sneakers

– headband


2. Terry Richardson:

– dark jeans

– checkered shirt

– sunglasses ‘Old Spitalfields Market’ 5£

– disposable camera


3. zombie pilot

– white shirt ‘Primark’ 3£

– dark jeans

– sunglasses

– brown leather jacket

– red paint 1£

– pilot cap 5£


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RIP Imbibe – challenge

there are not many places in London where i feel that the time has stopped and all the troubles have disappeared. the vibe in ‘Imbibe’ is, or should i say was, indescribable. the place itself is incredible. especially when you decide to sit outside. wooden floors, furniture, small fireplaces placed around the space, paper lanterns on the ceiling, small lights hanging all around, metal lanterns on the tables, wicker baskets, large pots with flowers inside…it all makes the place look magical and ‘unreal’. but not only the decor is unbelievable. chips served in small metal pails, burgers with fresh, high quality meat and rocket and parmesan salad with basil and pine nut dressing are a taste of heaven. and this two courses for just 10 £. can you beat it?

i have been there for the first time over a year ago…i’m shocked that such an amazing spot is going to be closed. due to the fact i believe that each person deserves a bit of happiness in life, i strongly urge you to visit the place as soon as possible. let’s making it more interesting…we will do the challenge. visit ‘The Imbibe Bar’ in less then 7 days and then leave a comment how was it. i promise you’ll not regret. let’s spread the world with the vibe of ‘the imbibe’, we need to let know the world about it!

IMG_2012                   IMG_2016


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first date with ‘Village East’

and again we have weekend and a new place to visit. today – ‘Village East of Bermondsey’. restaurant is located quite near ‘London Bridge’ station on bermondsey street. to be fair, the whole street when you start walking through it, sends you this vibe of laid-back and chilled atmosphere, free from stress and all the troubles. time stops for a minute and just lets you enjoy the day.

decor of the place itself is quite unique. i would say it’s a combination of pub and wooden cottage decor. stools, bar, metal lamps, booth chairs and mix of long and small wooden tables.

food. cranberry granola? (3.50£) if you pour one table spoon of yoghurt to a small glass and fill it with granola till the very top, don’t expect it’s gonna be enough. and to be fair I’m not a huge fan of sawdust. toast with scramble eggs decent (5£) but eggs Benedict? incredibly good! also you have to try ‘in the pink’ (grapefruit juice with agave syrup) which is amazing and what is more important sooo refreshing! definitely coming back to try the burgers – they looked amazing and you can choose your own extras!
in general place is a good choice for a weekend brunch which is – (here’s important information for long sleepers) served till 4pm. also before leaving definitely check out toilet’s decor. and most important fact it is not expensive!
so yeah, the first date with ‘Village East’ was promising. we will see how it will go on the next one when i’m going to try burgers….
pho1to 1
pddhoto 3
photdo 2
aaphoto 5
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