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from 7 to heaven

the mid-term deadlines are closer and closer…

I am not going to lie, I’m a bundle of nerves right now. that is why here are 7 things that cheered me up just simply looking at them.

maybe they will help you too…

1. hipster alpaca



2. ‘little’ sushi



3. good one



4. pure happiness



5. obviously Ryan Gosling



6. real truth about deadlines



7. hoooooooooome



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do the lurk while commuting!

bored in the tube, at uni, work? stuck in traffic or a queue? tough day? nothing more better to do? just look around! there are soooooo many people around you that…hmmm..differ from others. sad but true. weird hat or shoes,  funny t’shirt, haircut or a tattoo? just send it to your friend! cheer up someone’s day!

*** but remember don’t offend anyone and always make sure, photos you send to each other do not show people’s faces present on it

check out what mostly my flat mate and I found!

let's watch tv in tube!

let’s pretend that tube is a living room and watch TV!

amazing way to show your socks!

amazing way to show shoes!

maybe 'AREOWALK'?!

what about ‘AEROWALK’?!

is it just me, or i just saw Ryan Gosling from  'Drive'?!

is it just me, or i just saw Ryan Gosling from “Drive”?!

class and clutch everywhere! even gym!

class and clutch everywhere! even gym!

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