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‘night street food market’ cheer

there are many reasons to concern London as one of the greatest places to live. not so common or promoted event as ‘Night Market’ in Hackney is one of them.

Hawker House where the whole event takes place, is large undeveloped space with wooden and metal constellations. it is filled with plastic chairs and tables, long wooden bar tables, strung lights all around and a large variety of food trucks spread around the whole area.

as soon as you find yourself inside, you smell different spices, cuisines and hot buttered rum which you can buy at the ‘Hot Bar’. I definitely recommend trying the one served with lemon and cinnamon – it’s absolutely amazing and will definitely warm you up on a chilly day.

food. it is hard to tell where to start. even though the number of stands seems to be quite small, the choice is really hard to make. we started with delicious ‘Baba G’ wraps (5 £) with rice and chicken. this was a perfect starter as the meal wasn’t too heavy and a bit spicy. then we tried unbelievably good fresh pasta from ‘Cooking Cooks’ which actually was made by hand at the shack. ‘Napoletana ravioli with parmesan, ricotta and mozzarella’ (7£) was heaven melting in our mouths. obviously we couldn’t also resist the temptation of trying ‘Lobster roll’ (8£) from B.O.B’s Lobster stand (which was actually red volkswagen microbus).  the meat was fresh and delicate, while the buttery warm bun was absolutely delightful. finally we decided to try ‘Yum Bun’ which served hand-made steamed buns with pork and duck (3.50£ per each). both of them were well-seasoned and in deed ‘yummy’. to sum up, each delicacy we tried was a great choice and a chance to experience new flavors.

Hawker Hawker House


red lights



rola wala ravioli ravioli


lobster rollB.O.B lobster

bunyum bun


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‘cafe TPT’ – too pleasurably tasty

craving for chinese food is something typical. especially during night time in a such big buzzing capital as London. that is why it is good to know about such places as ‘Cafe TPT’ in Chinatown.

the place itself? nothing special. plain white walls, wooden tables and chairs squeezed together in a small and narrow space. but the space itself isn’t important here. no matter what time it is, the place is always crowded. and I believe that is crucial argument in favor of the restaurant quality.

menu. must have? definitely try one of the sizzling stone pot dish – I highly recommend ‘eggplant with fish sauce and minced pork’ (9£). due to the fact I am quite traditional when it comes to Chinese cuisine, I also advice you to try ‘sweet and sour chicken’ or ‘chicken in satay souse’ (7.50£). i suggest also trying one of the ‘chef recommendations’ such as sweet-chili chicken with lemon grass’.

find out for yourself!


satay souse sweet sour chicken

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