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from 7 to heaven

the mid-term deadlines are closer and closer…

I am not going to lie, I’m a bundle of nerves right now. that is why here are 7 things that cheered me up just simply looking at them.

maybe they will help you too…

1. hipster alpaca



2. ‘little’ sushi



3. good one



4. pure happiness



5. obviously Ryan Gosling



6. real truth about deadlines



7. hoooooooooome



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11 steps to hell – the most irritating things on a daily basis

1. plaited headphones

2. people standing on the left side of the escalator (especially in the tube)

3. doors closing in front of you (just because person ahead you didn’t bother to hold it for an extra 2 seconds)

4. recording in the tube getting jammed ‘the next station is….where this train terminates. please take all your belongings with you when you leave the train’

5. ‘tesco’ self-service machine asking for ‘club card’ when you actually forgot it or don’t have it or not reading the credit card because apparently you ‘took it too fast’

6. flighty children running under your feet when you’re in rush

7. lift being stuck on the top floor

8. student/ employee ID or transport card not swiping through the gate reader

9. missing a slice of lemon in the tea in order to squeeze juice out of it

10. procrastinating time ‘to go pee’ because your extremely busy doing something on your computer

11. smelling food when passing by neighborhood restaurants or people asking you for a favor/talking to you when you’re extremely hungry

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13 good reasons to stay under the cover


rain or no rain. cloudy and windy. sometimes neither. usually both.  London IS usually quite gloomy, no doubt. especially in this time of the season.

as nights get colder and colder, we tend to find more reasons to stay at home. to be fair, I don’t blame you. that is why I prepared another ‘Sunday Playlist’ with 13 (I deliberately chose this number) songs for one of ‘these days’

but first:

– put on your favorite large sweater and  soft socks

– make yourself a warm tea or any other drink

– get a good book and a box of your favorite cookies/chocolates

– find comfortable position and a spot

– take a few deep breathes

– turn on the playlist

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5 best blog’s for food recipes

1. Sweet and Crumby – especially because of the recipe for maple roasted pumpkin salad

2. Love + Cupcakes – especially because of the recipe for salted browned butter marshmallow popcorn

3. Making Mondays – especially because of the recipe for pear and ginger cocktails

4. Finger, Fork & Knife – especially because of the recipe for brown and butter banana bread

5. The Healthy Life – especially because of the recipes for smoothies

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5 ways to survive a cold

1. obvious but CRUCIAL – drink a LOT of fluids especially hot ones. my favorite ones are tea with lemon and honey OR wild berry one with raspberry syrup and lemon juice

pherhoto 1

2. eat garlic. I usually mix it with butter and herbs, and put it on roasted baguette.

pgarhoto 4

3. ginger. you can eat it, you can drink it, enjoy it as you like. I usually peel it and cut it in slices. then I pour it with boiling water and leave it for a night. in the morning I drink it with lemon and raspberry syrup.

4. rest. sleep is the best medicine. this way your organism will have a chance to defend itself against bacterias and fight. so jump under the cover and warm up.

bephoto 3


5. vitamin C. lemons, oranges, grapefruit – have it in a form of a  fresh juice, salad or eat it just like that.

phoraoto 5

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wakey wakey!

girls on borad

another sunday playlist for all of you who cannot force themselves to get out of bed.

rise and shine!

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Bored on the tube? Do ‘the lurk’!

today we will continue with guest posts. my second flatmate, but what is more important CREATOR of ‘the lurk’ game, has written a post especially for me.  it is about history of how ‘the  lurk’ started, and how it has developed through time. the post also includes some amazing photos taken by the author.

*** just to briefly remind you ‘the lurk’ are snapshots taken by you in the public transport of people you find funny or interesting.


I moved to London almost three years ago. While in my hometown I am usually travelling around the city by car, I am only using public transport to travel around London. The idea of “doing the lurk while commuting” was born because: (a) I have this rule that I don’t do anything associated with uni or work while I’m commuting (I have to reset my brain sometimes..), (b) I love observing other people (not in the creepy way, though!).

best combination of all times - flip-flops and nude socks
It’s been more than two years now since I started taking pictures of “unique” fashion choices on the tube. And I have to say, my “lurk photos” made my day so many times that now I just can’t imagine my life without a “lurk session” each time I’m on the tube or on a bus 😉

best hairstyle EVER

As my dear flatmate (and, at the same time, the author of has already showed you some of my favourite shots in a recent post on her blog, I will present a smaller collection today. Still, I hope that this will inspire you to DO THE LURK next time you are on your way to work/uni!

neon socks and high heels, why not?
very stylish (no joke) old ladynow that's what they call a total look!

check out her blog: itsbetterthiswayblog

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Great PlayStation tips – GTA V !

today something different.

a guest post.

my friend and my flatmate prepared something special for you. especially for the guys (no offence to female audience). three amazing tips that you might find very useful as a PlayStation player. the game he concentrated on is GTA – Grand Theft Auto V. 

there it is.

You have probably heard about one of the most successful video games ever – Grand Theft Auto V. One gets to play as one of the three main characters – Franklin, Michael and Trevor; all criminals living in the Los Santos area. As most of you probably know, apart from completing the missions, players are able to basically mess around all around the map (Which is, by the way, huge). This can be fun for some time, but it gets dull after some time. Today I will give you some tips how to have fun. Enjoy!

TIP #1: Steal a fighter plane

One of the most exciting parts of the game is flying, but most will end up flying a crop duster or a Cessna look-alike, which is fair enough, especially when you can’t afford the expensive private jets. Instead of playing around with a slow and boring plane or buying a high-end one for millions of dollars (or whatever that currency is), steal one from the military. Not only will it be faster and more agile, but also you will actually be able to bring death from above. To obtain the P-996 Lazer, you will have to enter the military base through the west entrance, take a right turn, then a left turn. The plane is located in the hangar straight ahead. Have fun blowing up the city.


TIP #2: Get the fastest car in the game

Everybody knows the Bugatti Veyron – the 1000BHP beast beloved by Arab Sheikhs. You can get the GTA V equivalent – the Adder – for free! Just go to the shopping avenue near Michael’s home. The Adder will be parked near the Ponsonsby’s store. Have fun being as fast as lightning.


TIP#3: Complete a triathlon

The game offers a lot of side missions and hobbies to pursue. One of the most interesting ones is the triathlon. If you think you could complete one of these badboys in real life, you’re probably wrong – you would be out running/swimming/cycling instead of wasting your time on this game. Anyway, Michael proves it is possible for a regular guy to do it, even without too much training. To start in a triathlon complete the mission “daddy’s little girl” and proceed to a point on the map marked as “triathlon”(duh). Have fun getting a heart attack.


I hope you liked my tips! yo

here is the link to my friend’s blog:

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sunny sunday

today there is not much to say. its freezing outside but hey, there is sun and NO rain! and let me tell you, this a BIG deal for all Londoners!

that is why just appreciate the weather and go out…or simply stay at home and relax. its your last day before busy week. no rush, just take a deep breath and enjoy the soundtrack i have created especially for such days as this one.


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WAQFF – what a quick, fast, fulfilling snack

a day of a constant feeling of hunger? pulling an all-nighter? a bad day that must be fixed by food? simple craving?

here are 5 best snacks you can have:

(especially recommended for students)

1. vegetables (carrots, celery, cucumber, paprika) with houmous or other kind of dip


2.  tortilla wrap with salad, tomatoes, cheese, bacon,  ketchup and mayo (you can choose also other ingredients like cucumbers, chicken, avocado, houmous spinach or a fried egg) enjoy it either in cold or warm version


3. a fruit (grapefruit, pineapple, apple, banana)


4. yogurt with muesli/granola and fruits (strawberries/kiwi/prunes)





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