pumpkin treat in 30min

due to the fact its autumn time and its getting really cold it is worth to have something at home that will warm you up. here is an idea. pumpkin cream. its delicious, healthy and fulfilling. what is more, it is easy and quick to make. 30min? consider it as done.

you will need:

1 pumpkin

1 small onion (chopped into cubes)

1 table spoon of grated ginger

1 table spoon of chopped chili

2 cloves of garlic

500ml of vegetable broth

250ml of coconut milk

salt and pepper



1) mix chopped pumpkin (you can put it for about 10min in the oven – 200C)

2) heat the oil in the pot, glaze onion add ginger, chili and garlic. fry it for 1-2min, mixing it time to time

3) add mixed pumpkin and cooked broth. stir and cook the whole  mixture for 10min. add salt and pepper and leave it till its going to boil. add coconut milk and warm it all up

and its done!

decorate it with coriander leafs and pour a bit of green pesto on top. if you feel like you can add fried shrimps (made with garlic and chili). enjoy it with toasted baguette with butter or with french toasts with ham and cheese.

oven chopped mix broth boil coconut milk baguette french toast pumpkin cream

*** special thanks to my flatmates for help and their engagement in this project











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any ideas? questions? feel free to comment!

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